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Maury Place at Monument is certified as a "Virginia Green Lodging" by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. We make every effort to providing sustainable and eco-friendly accommodations with the same or higher level of service and amenities that you would expect to find at any hotel. We understand the importance of being environmentally friendly and hope our efforts will lead others to live in a way that will benefit the world in which we live.

Here are some of the practices that you will find during your stay at Maury Place:

  • Optional linen change service in guestrooms
  • Offering recycling opportunities to guests
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  • Recycling of soaps and shampoos
  • Practicing water and energy conservation
  • Preventative maintenance of drips and leaks
  • High efficiency HVAC using natural gas and individual thermostats
  • EnergyStar appliances
  • Insulation and storm windows
  • Minimization of impervious surfaces
  • Lawn areas replaced with low maintenance beds
  • Use of native vegetation
  • Use of glasses, dishware, metal cutlery, and cloth napkins instead of disposables
  • Paper, cardboard, can, bottle, and newspaper recycling
  • Newspaper and magazines in library rather than automatically delivered to the room
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaners
  • Effective food inventory management
  • Water efficient washers
  • Energy efficient dryers
  • Environmentally friendly detergents with minimal use of bleach
  • Purchase of energy efficient equipment
  • Extensive use of electronic documents and records
  • Purchasing from local vendors with commitment to the environment
  • Preventative maintenance on all vehicles and equipment
  • Reuse or donation of unused materials
  • Reused building materials (original flooring, doors, fixtures, and other materials)
Maury Place Water Bottles

In addition, we offer our guests the opportunity to help us with our environmental efforts. Guests who use our re-fillable Maury Place water bottles in place of our complimentary bottled water will receive $5 off their stay as a "thank you" for participating in our green efforts. The Maury Place water bottles are free, and are for our guests to keep. Returning guests can bring their Maury Place water bottle and continue to receive $5 savings.

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