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Civil War History

Perched on the bluffs overlooking the James River, Hollywood Cemetery is the resting place of presidents Monroe and Tyler, six Virginia governors, and our very own Matthew Fontaine Maury. Located 2 miles from Maury Place, the cemetery contains gravesites of 18,000 civil war soldiers, including 2,000 unknown soldiers from the Gettysburg battlefield, and J.E.B Stuart.

Many visitors come to enjoy the rustic park-like setting of the Cemetery, with its winding tree-lined paths, and spectacular views of the Richmond skyline and the James River.

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Opened in 1849, the cemetery was designed by architect John Notman to create a tranquil and beautiful space, in contrast to the traditional church or city graveyards. Named for its many holly trees, the 42 acre site highlights the natural beauty of its rolling hills and park-like setting.

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Hollywood Cemetery is known as the resting place for many notable 19th century personalities. With over 75,000 persons buried there, the Hollywood has more civil war leaders than any other cemetery in the US. A partial list of persons at Hollywood cemetery is below:

  • Matthew Fontaine Maury Gravesite18,000 confederate soldiers, including the 1st battle casualty of the Civil War
  • 2,000 unknown soldiers from Gettysburg
  • Matthew Fontaine Maury
  • President John Tyler
  • President James Monroe
  • General J.E.B. Stuart
  • General George Pickett
  • Confederate President Jefferson Davis
  • Artist, poet, and writer Benjamin Barrett
  • Fantasy fiction novelist James Branch Cabell
  • Tobacco businessman and philanthropist Lewis Ginter
  • Journalist and historian Douglass Southall Freeman
  • Pulitzer-Prize winning novelist Ellen Glasgow
  • Novelist and woman's rights advocate Mary Johnson
  • Pharmacist and musician Polk Miller
  • Iron dog statue at child's gravesiteRailway industrialist William Nelson Page
  • United States Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr.
  • Sculptor Edward Valentine.
  • One of the best known gravesites is that of a young girl, because the site is guarded by an iron statue of her Newfoundland dog (picture to the right). A number of different stories have been told over the years explaining this statue, but all that is known for sure is that it is the favorite statue of inn dogs Chico and Lucy.

Hollywood Cemetery is open year round 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (6:00 pm Daylight Savings Time). Historical Walking Tours are offered Mon-Sat at 10:00 am April through October.

Directions from Maury Place to Hollywood Cemetery (click here).

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